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Wigmore Court Hotel
Wigmore Court Hotel reception
Wigmore Court Hotel, London
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AA and RAC are well known independent standards in the UK.
Below are the reports and descriptions provided by these organisations for the Wigmore Court Hotel.

RAC Description
Complete As Applicable Comment
1. Reservation N/A Day visit
2. Car Park/Grounds/Exterior Very well presented and most attractive
3. Reception (Check in/out) N/A Day Visit - A lovely warm welcome. Thank you.
4. Porterage Help always available
5. Bedrooms/Bathrooms, incl. housekeeping Most attractive and well presented - continuing programme of 'upgrade'
6. Public Areas: Lounge/bars/restaurants Small breakfast, but most attractive
and adequate due to spread of breakfast service
7. Toilets ------
8. Kitchen V. good hygiene standards
9. Service (including restaurant) A nice friendly and personal service style
10. Cuisine/menus/wine list Breakfast service
11. Management and staff (hospitality & attitude) Guests are made to feel both welcome and at home
12. Other hotel facilities (leisure, disabled, etc.) ------
13. Annexe ------
14. RAC Signage Good Condition
15. General Comments Thank you for raising the 13 amp sockets.

AA Report

"... I am very pleased to recommend an
increased classification of AA listed at 3Q"

Ron Bartley
Hotel and Restaurant Inspector
AA Recommendation of Wigmore Court Hotel